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Fabric Bowls

Caroline enjoys making fabric bowls in various styles, and colors.  The exterior fabric of these bowls is high-quality 100% cotton.  Sandwiched between the two layers of cotton is a flexible and washable stiffening material that gives the bowls their shape. 

You can purchase any item below marked "available," or you can custom order a bowl in the size, style, and colors of your choosing.  If you are interested in having a bowl custom made from fabric you supply, please use the contact page to request a free consultation.

B030 - Available

B031 - Available

B032 - Available

B033 - Available

B034 - Available

B035 - Available

B036 - Available

B037 - Available

B038 - Available

B039 - Available

B040 - Available

B041 - Available

B042 - Available

B043 - Available

B044 - Available

B045 - Available

B046 - Available

B047 - Available

B048 - Available

B049 - Available

Fabric Boxes

Fabric Boxes are made of high-quality 100% cotton.  Separate but matching layers of fabric are used for the inside and outside, with a washable stiffening material sandwiched between.  In some cases, the fabric of the bowl also has been quilted.

X010 - Available

X011 - Available

X012 - Reserved

X013 - Available


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